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Who Am I?

My name is CryptiidCruxx, Crux for short. Welcome to my Carrd!

Here you will find info about my commissions, all my socials, my DNI/Boundaries list, and a little more about me.

My Social Media:
Discord Server (fastest way to contact me)

About Me
Character List (WIP, will be continuously updated)
Commission Info + Ko-Fi
DNI/Boundaries List


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Do Not Interact with me or my accounts if you do/are associated with/support the following:

Ignore issues related to BIPOC (especially black problems)Support Trump/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter/ICE"MAPS"/"NOMAPS"/"PEARS"Proshipping (if it's present in a story and it contributes to a plot, then w/e, but romanticizing it is NOT ok.)Support harassment or stalking of certain peopleSupport (or rather, blindly support) certain MCYT creators WITHOUT criticizing or acknowledging their actions (Fundy, Dream, etc.) I really don't wanna hear about how they "apologized" already. You know who you are. Stop.

BOUNDARIES (for myself, my OCs, and my persona, Crux/Eden)

Fan Art
No, you don't need to ask before drawing me fan art. I will LOVE you for It JGSDFHJFJHDGJGHJK

Generally Interacting with me
If I know you enough, I may be open to roleplay, but if you're someone I don't know, the answer is no.
Do not be creepy in my messages, try to randomly hit on me, or say sexual stuff DIRECTLY to me as an artist/person, REGARDLESS of what content my persona appears in; I don't mind comments about the art/character, but suggestive stuff/NSFW of my OCs/sona =/= consent to hit on me directly. It's weird.
I'm a rather quiet person so I mostly keep to myself, if you befriend me on social media, it is NOT guaranteed I will talk to you randomly unless there is a reason. It's nothing personal, I just get overwhelmed easily. /gen
Do know I AM forgetful so if I forget to respond to you, it's nothing personal! I try to respond as much as I can, but do not blow up my DMs unless it's important, please.

Notes about my Adult Content and me (an adult)

As a reminder, I am an adult. Minors, do not try to hit on me or say sexual things about me, even as a "joke." It's not funny and that's dangerous.Do note I do make NSFW art and have public AD accounts that EXPLICITLY mention they're for 18+ people; do not come in my DMs about how it's "irresponsible" of me to have a public adult account when: 1. I am an adult, I can post this publicly and I made a separate FOR THAT REASON, 2. I am a content creator and I also get income from this, privatizing it can hurt my income, and 3. Again, I am a content creator, not their parents. If you're a minor and can clearly read, STAY OFF MY AD ACCOUNTS.

Interacting with my OCs and Persona/Fursona

Self-inserts/headcanoning with my OCs are 100% ok. Ex. self-inserts like "oh they're my OC's friend/parent/sibling/etc.", "oh they're secretly a wizard", or "omg they're trans", those are always cool with me :)
Self-shipping with my OCs is fine, though beware a lot of them are adults by default. I DO NOT support adult/minor ships, PERIOD.
Self-shipping for my sona-- I'd prefer if you ask me first before shipping yourself/your OCs with my persona, Crux OR Eden. This goes for both SFW AND NSFW. (also my sonas are ADULTS so if you/your OC are minors, that is a fat NO.)

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About Me

Cryptiid Cruxx's Symbol

My name is Crux, or Eden if you're close to me (pronouns: any, also they/it).
I'm a 22-year-old black and non-binary artist, animator, streamer, and developer. I've been drawing for about 14-15 years, animating for about 5, and developing applications for 4 (though I'm still pretty new to it).

My main interest in art is making fantasy, OC, action/adventure, and horror art, while also writing different stories and comics.

I've also been fighting Multiple Sclerosis (an auto-immune disease) for about 3 years and counting, and I'm still fighting strong! It does affect my work, however, so please do understand that it can slow me down at times as it is a disability.

Also, I am on the spectrum, so please let me know if I word something wrong or misunderstand anything, I won't be upset if I am corrected on anything! <3

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