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Hi, I'm Crux / Eden, your neighborhood alien cat who draws hot eldritch women, programs stuff, and streams Minecraft. <3

Here you will find info about my commissions, all my socials, my DNI/Boundaries list, and a little more about me!

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(Fastest way to contact me is through Discord)


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(If you see my deadname, no you didn't. <3)


I stream every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening at 7:30 PM EST!


I mostly stream Minecraft SMP content, which includes lore-based roleplaying or challenges such as tackling modpacks like RL Craft! I also do art streams from time to time or peaceful building streams.



Do Not Interact with me or my accounts if you do/are associated with/support the following:

Ignore issues related to BIPOC (especially black problems)Support Trump/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter/ICE"MAPS"/"NOMAPS"/"PEARS"Poppytwt/Suntwt (🌻 or 💐)Supporting/Romanticizing Proships (problematic relationships)Harassment or stalkingSupport/Engage in the use of NFTs

Making Fan Works + Interacting with my Personas/Characters

Fan Art/Fan Work

Note: OCs = Original Characters

YES I LOVE FAN ART/FAN WORK YOU DONT NEED TO ASK TO DRAW MEIn fan art/fan work of my OCs and personas, make sure to follow the boundaries below with how to interact with my persona and my OCs.

Interacting with my Personas and Characters, Kinning, Comfort Characters, and Fictives

Self-inserts/headcanoning with my OCs are 100% ok. Ex. self-inserts like "oh they're my OC's friend/parent/sibling/etc.", "oh they're secretly a wizard", or "omg they're trans", those are always cool with me :)
Regarding the above, do not racebend or whitewash my OCs that are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color). If you need clarification on an OC, please ask me.
Self-shipping with my OCs is fine, however, a lot of them are adults by default, so if your OCs are minors, do NOT ship them with my adult OCs.
Fan art/Fan work containing violence, blood, gore, etc. is okay as long as it's spoilered and given content warnings.
Kinning with my OCs or considering them your comfort characters are fine. :3
[For DID/OSDD Systems] If one of my OCs ends up as a fictive of yours, that's 100% cool with me because it's not exactly something that can be controlled. Just putting it out there <3
If you wanna show me your art/fan art/ocs (or even wanna info dump about them to me), that's fine, I like hearing what people make if I have the time! :3 Just ask first beforehand! /pos

Interacting with Me (Twitch, Discord, Dms, etc.) + Boundaries for me (as an adult)

Generally Interacting with Me

I'm very forgetful and I can get overwhelmed easily. If I forget to respond to a DM or a ping, it's nothing personal! Gentle pokes are fine but do not spam my DMs unless it's important.
I'm kinda shy. Friending/DMing me on social media does not guarantee that I will friend you back/talk to you randomly!* /gen/nm*I am much more likely to talk and interact with you on my public discord server, though. /info

I'm neurodivergent [autism + ADHD] and tones may not translate well for me, so I use Tone Indicators. Also, if I say/word something weird, please let me know! /gen
Please do NOT call me on Discord randomly without asking unless you mention it's an emergency.
I don't care if you "simp" for me, but ONLY if you're an adult (18 or over). Minors saying they "simp" for me makes me very uncomfortable.
Don't say weird, sexual things to me as a means to be weird or to hit on me if I don't know you. I will block you.
Do not trauma dump to me/in my chat/in my server unsolicited. I'm not equipped to deal with that without warning. I'm a content creator, not a therapist.

About Me (an adult) and my Adult Content._

Don't hit on me/say sexual things about me or to me/my OCs if you're a MINOR, even as a """joke.""" That makes me very uncomfortable. I WILL block you if you do this.
Do note that I do have public AD accounts, which explicitly mention they are for 18+ audiences ONLY. Y'all can read. If you don't like it, leave my page.
Do not come into my DMs about how it's "irresponsible" of me to have a public AD account. Again, y'all can read. I am a content creator, not a baby sitter.
If you are a minor and can clearly read, stay off my AD accounts. If you come into my DMs and be like "haha, I found your AD account," that is a surefire way for me to block you. I will not find it funny. It's not cute. You can read.

About Me

Cryptiid Cruxx's Symbol

My name is Crux, or Eden if you're close to me (pronouns: any, also it/they).
I'm a 22-year-old black and non-binary artist, animator, streamer, and developer. I've been drawing for about 14-15 years, animating for about 5, and developing applications for 4 (though I'm still pretty new to it).

My main interest in art is making fantasy, OC, action/adventure, and horror art, while also writing different stories and comics.

I've also been fighting Multiple Sclerosis (an auto-immune disease) for about 3 years and counting, and I'm still fighting strong! It does affect my work, however, so please do understand that it can slow me down at times as it is a disability.

Also, I am on the autism spectrum and I have ADHD, so please let me know if I word something wrong or misunderstand anything, I won't be upset if I am corrected on anything! <3